Workout of the Week: 10-Minute “Off Day” Challenge

What do you do on your off-days?  Do you use it for rest, or do you use it as an opportunity to work on things like your squat pattern, conditioning and/or mobility?

Rather than doing nothing, use your off-day to improve areas of weakness.  If you’re having trouble getting into a deep squat and you have excessive forward lean, then take the time to work on strengthening your dorsiflexors & hip flexors, as well as improving mobility through your thoracic vertebra (upper back).

Many people fail to address their weaknesses, continuing to beat their bodies up as they perform some of the most basic movements – like squatting – with improper form.

The end result of doing something wrong – over and over for hundreds or thousands of reps – could be a chronic injury that’ll end up sidelining you from all training for weeks or months.

Here’s a quick 30-minute workout that touches on active recovery, grooving your squat pattern, a brutal 10-minutes of conditioning, and finally improving mobility at the bottom of your squat.

You could do all three in succession, or break them up into separate workouts throughout the day.

An example would be 10 minutes of squats in the morning when you wake up, 10 minutes of swings at lunch, and then 10 minutes of squat prying after dinner.