3 Quick Workouts To Keep You Fit And Ripped

The holidays are upon us and, if you’re like most, I’m sure you’ve got first row seats to the slow and steady expansion of your waistline.

You’ve got parties to attend, countless gifts to buy, family obligations, travel and … oh yeah, that thing called work too.  Who has time leftover to dedicate to training?

That’s the problem – most people don’t prioritize their training and it ends up going by the wayside.  What’s worse is that it takes just 2 weeks for your body to become physiologically less fit.  Because your body isn’t being challenged to adapt, it slowly begins returning to a sedentary state.  Go even longer – as little as 2 months – and your body can reach a point that would be the same as if you had never exercised at all.

So what’s a person to do? … you’re busy as hell and you don’t have time for a grueling 60-minute sweat session at the gym, plus the drive time to and from.

These 3 workouts are quickies, each taking just 15 minutes from start to finish.  Shedding stubborn fat isn’t something that should take a big chuck of your day, and these workouts will help deliver the lean, athletic body you’re looking for when you make them a regular part of your routine.

Workout # 1: The Triple Double



Workout # 2: Weak Side – Strong Side – Burpees



Workout # 3: The Mighty Swing Challenge


7 BONUS Tips To Avoid Holiday Pounds


Bonus Tip #1: Listen to Your Body

It may not speak quickly enough all the time, but you know your body is constantly telling you things.  Sometimes it tells you to stop a certain activity before you get hurt.  During the holiday season, it tells you to put the brakes on your eating before you go beyond the point of no return.  When your body tells you it’s full, listen up!  A single bite after you’re full can lead to extra calories and eventually, extra pounds.

Bonus Tip #2: Confine the Holidays

For some, holidays become weeks – even months – of poor eating.  Be careful to avoid this pitfall by digging into your holiday foods only on the actual holiday.  Treat the other days like normal days – even if you’re off from work.  And when the holiday is over, let someone else take the leftovers home and go to your own house without any stuffing or gravy in tow.

Bonus Tip #3: Eat First, Party Second

You read right – it’s good to eat before heading out the door.  Have a healthy, well-rounded meal at home with fruits, vegetables, and your protein source of choice.  And drink a tall glass of water.  Why?  So when you get to that holiday party that is overflowing with cookies, cakes, candies and calories, you’ll have the willpower to say no to all those empty calories.

Bonus Tip #4: Plan Your Escape

Getting away from food isn’t easy.  If you expect to be able to walk away from delicious – yet unhealthy – foods without any forethought, think again.  Before walking into a potentially fattening situation, plan out what you’re going to eat and take your own dish to share if necessary.  Any time there is a particularly difficult eating situation, make plans an hour or so after the dangerous-to-your-diet event begins and excuse yourself.

Bonus Tip #5: Exercise On the Go

One of the best excuses to gain weight is that you have to travel to visit family and don’t have access to your personal trainer or gym.  Well, guess what?  Just because your trainer isn’t staying in the hotel with you doesn’t mean you aren’t accountable!  Scope out the area where you’ll be traveling and take advantage of whatever exercise opportunities are available.  There may be a gym or pool at your hotel, a pay-as-you-go gym, or a nice park nearby where you can walk or run with or without family members.

Bonus Tip #6: Pay Attention to People

Holidays are about family and friends … right?  Then stop focusing on food!  When you go to a party, there is no need to hang out by the food table when there are people all around you!  Ignore the grub and go for the meaningful stuff that you’ll remember and cherish.  Besides, it’s much easier to talk without munching and you even listen better when you’re not stuck thinking about how good the next bite is going to be.

Bonus Tip #7: Drink Water

No, this isn’t a license to drink as much alcohol as you can find.  Doing that will add lots of useless calories to your waistline.  Instead, do your best to make friends with a tall glass of water everywhere you go.  As you mingle with your water glass, you’ll find it challenging to grab more than a couple of finger foods here and there, and the fact that it is water will help you remember to watch what else goes in your mouth!

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