5 Snacks For a Lean Body

Snacking is a huge downfall for many people, and many of you have been asking me for quick & easy snack options that are equal parts healthy, filling and delicious.

Today I have 5 snack options for you that are 50% healthy, 50% delicious and 50% filling, for a total of 150 … I never was great at math.

Snacking can be your greatest enemy for getting lean, but if you pay attention to the snacks you keep on hand, you can actually use them to get the lean, strong & toned body you deserve.

Snacking shouldn’t be something that you do when you’re bored.

Snacking shouldn’t be a mindless activity.

If you’re bored, do some push ups or kettlebell swings.

Snacking should serve a purpose, and that purpose is to make sure that your body gets the nutrients it needs to fuel your goals and keep you feeling full until your next meal.

That’s it.

The following snacks are simply healthy, nutrient-rich foods that will go a long way toward preventing you from bingeing when you finally sit down for a meal.

#1: Walnuts & Almonds

All nuts are great to eat, but there is something special about walnuts and almonds. They’ve got healthy fat and protein and are exceptionally filling.  Grab a handful of either, eat them nice and slow, and you’ll be able to coast to your next meal with ease.

#2: Hard Boiled Eggs with Olives

Eggs & olives … what a combo!  What awesome about this combination is that you’ll get a substantial dose of healthy fats for energy & heart health, as well as some protien to support muscle repair – growth – maintenance.  How much should you eat for a snack?  I’d go with 2 -3 eggs and 8 – 10 olives.

#3: Organic Jerky

Organic jerky is not only packed with protein, it’s also a VERY low calorie food because it essentially contains ONE substantial macronutrient – protein.  You can use beef, bison, venison, chicken, turkey or pork to create a delicious and healthy snack that will fuel your muscles and support your fat loss goals.  Add plenty of spice to your liking, toss it in a food dehydrator until ready and then pre-pack in sandwich bags for a ready-made snack that you can take on the go!

#4: Kale Chips

You’ve spent years of your life salivating at the thought of a fresh bag of potato chips or a sleeve of crackers and cheese.  Not any longer.  In 20 minutes or so, you can bake up some delicious chips made from kale that will fill your need for something salty with a nice crunch! As an added perk, they’re low in calories and are the good green stuff your mom wants you to eat more of.

Just chop some kale into large pieces, coat with olive oil and toss them in the oven until crispy.  Top with sea salt and enjoy!

#5: Casein Protein Shake

Another snack that will fill you up with fat burning fuel is a simple, classic protein shake. Start with a scoop – or two scoops – of high quality casein protein powder.  The reason you want casein as opposed to whey is because it will digest slower and will “stick with you” for longer, making you feel full for longer.

If you were having this snack right after a workout, though, you’d want to go with whey protein, not casein.  Add cold water and ice, then shake the shit out of it.  It’s quick, it’s simple and it’s effective.

Remember that fat loss comes as the result of a consistent, challenging exercise routine that’s paired with healthy eating habits.  You can’t achieve a lean AND strong body simply by eating a certain way … challenging exercise in the form of resistance training is an absolute must if you want to actually look good once you’ve lost that stubborn fat.

Are you working out regularly?  Are you challenging yourself in each workout?  Are you following a meal plan that’s targeted for getting lean AND strong?

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