How To: Controlled Crawling

Crawling is a great exercise for conditioning, but it’s also an incredible CORE STABILITY exercise.

Bear crawls, crab walks, leopard crawls … whatever type of crawl you’re doing, adding more CONTROL to the movement will help to engage your core so that you get more from the exercise.

A big mistake so many make when they lack control of their body. Their hips are elevated to high, their back isn’t parallel to the floor and their hips swing erratically side to side.

To get the most from crawling, pretend you have a ball on the middle of your back, and you don’t want it to fall off. This will help you to do the following things …

  1. You’ll slow down considerably – crawling should be a fast-paced exercise
  2. You’ll engage your core MUCH more
  3. You’ll stabilize your hips MUCH more

There are MANY ways that you can incorporate crawling into your workouts. It can be added onto the end as part of a MetCon circuit, you can super set it with strength-based movements like deadlifts or squats, or your can use it on a mobility / active rest day.

Try crawling for 50′ – 100′ feet with a focus on stability & control, and I promise you’ll notice a difference in the difficulty of this simple movement.

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