Top 7 Reasons You Should Be Training With Kettlebells

It seems that everyone who trains has categorized or segregated themselves into a particular “camp” or method of training … CrossFit, Spartan Race, boot camps, and kettlebells to name a few.  Usually someone will try a specific method of training, experience some great results in the beginning, and then they’ll holler to the mountain tops how incredible “X” or “Y” method of training is.

The truth is, ALL types of training have their benefits, and sometimes these benefits may overlap among different methods of training.  What we cannot dispute is the fact that NO method of training will accomplish 100% of the things that all other forms of training can.

Barbells, dumbbells, suspension trainers, kettlebells and even just your own body weight will produce some pretty serious results if you consistently use them and follow a structured program.  What makes each of these methods or implements of training different is … YOU.

It’s all about how a specific method of training or a training tool resonates with YOU.

Some people rave about barbell training and scoff at anyone who doesn’t share the belief that it’s the sole way to get bigger and stronger.

Hardcore proponents of kettlebell training will be quick to tell you that their method can get you stronger & leaner than any other way of training.

The fact is, ALL methods of training WILL produce results.

My goal in this article is not to rant about how kettlebell training is the only way to train, but rather enlighten you to my top 7 reasons why you should train with a kettlebell, some of which can only be achieved through using this incredible Russian tool.

1. You’ll Gain (Massive) Functional Strength

Functional strength is a very fluid term, and can be defined in many ways.  Simply put, functional strength is the strength that is gained through working against resistance in such a manner that it will directly enhance the performance in activities of daily living.

Even more variance in defining functional strength comes when consideration is given to what someone’s activities of daily living include.  For some it may be lifting heavy objects and for others it could be something that is more along the lines of sport-specific movements.

Regardless of what “functional” means for you, its undeniable that kettlebell training mimics the movements you do in every day life.

  • Lifting objects overhead = single or double kettlebell pressing
  • Carrying heavy objects = farmer carry, waiter carry, cross-body carry or goblet carry
  • Producing force from your hips = kettlebell swings, snatches or cleans
  • Absorbing force = kettlebell snatches
  • Getting up from the floor = turkish get ups
  • Lifting heavy objects from the floor = kettlebell dead cleans, dead snatches, deadlifts and kettlebell windmills

2. Shed Insane Amounts of Fat & Burn A Ton of Calories

While building functional strength is becoming a bigger priority for many people, getting lean and looking great nekkid still tops the list.  Even those who want to be functionally strong want to look awesome when they shed their skivvies.

A 2010 study conducted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) revealed that using specific kettlebell exercises, it’s possible to burn upwards of 20 calories per minute.  That’s the same rate of calorie burn as running a 6-minute mile folks.  It’s a hasty pace by any measure.

If you were to train for 30 minutes using the right kettlebell exercises, you’d burn 600 calories!

3. Improve Power-Endurance

Power-endurance is the ability to produce fast (and powerful) movements over an extended period of time.  If you think about certain sports – boxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling, Spartan Racing, football and even basketball – the person or team that is able to produce the fastest & most powerful movements will win.

Kettlebell exercises such as the swing, double swing, clean & jerk and snatch are movements that help to train the element more effectively – in my opinion – than any other method of training.

The bonus to training with these types of exercises is that you’ll get ridiculously lean and dramatically improve your conditioning

4. Improve Your Grip Strength

Grip strength is way under-emphasized in my opinion.  As more people live their lives in front of a keyboard or in an office, the ability to grip and hold onto things is decreasing.

Because kettlebells usually have a thicker handle than barbells or dumbbells, they’re better for working your forearm flexors and will tax your grip strength more.

The end result is that you’ll be more efficient when training pull ups / chin ups and the barbell.

5. One Tool – Multiple Exercises – Faster Results

When you think of getting in better shape, you typically think about improving your strength, cardio, flexibility, core strength and (of course) looking great nekkid.

The beauty of the kettlebell is that it can effectively help you achieve all of these things … really fast.

You don’t need a treadmill, barbell, a whole mess of bumper plates, dumbbells and a yoga mat to accomplish your goals of becoming strong, lean, athletic and flexible.

You only need a couple kettlebells to get the job done.

6. You’ll Save a Whole Buncha Time

With kettlebell workouts like the ones I offer, you can squeeze in a total body workout in 15 – 30 minutes … no more 60 – 90 minute workouts that sap so much of your time that you begin to dread your workouts.

7. You’ll Look Like A Super Hero

As I mentioned above, first & foremost, people still want to look great in their birthday suit.  In fact, they not only want to look good, they want to look so good that they make themselves blush.

Incorporating the right kettlebell training program into your routine will not only give you functional strength, improve your flexibility, strengthen your grip and save you a ton of time … it can also make you look like you belong in a D.C. Comics movie.

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