Workout of the Week: Episode 20 (#workoutwednesday)

This week’s workout involves just 3 exercises, but …

… they’re gonna kick your ass.

The first time I did this one I was second guessing it after the first 6 minutes (2 rounds), but my apprehension about it’s difficulty quickly turned to “how the hell am I going to make it through this one” as I approached minute 13 … and apprehension then turned to “WFT just happened” once I finished it.

Some things to focus on with this one:

  • For your walking lunges, first be sure that you’re using a challenging weight.  I’m not sure what would be challenging for you, but if you do a set of 5+ lunges on each leg and you’re not feeling it in your quads, hamstrings, groin and heart … then it’s time to up the weight.  Also, let’s make sure your knees hit 90 degrees at the bottom of each lunge without crashing to the floor.
  • Don’t flop to the floor when you do your burpees.  Do an actual burpee … which basically means do a real push up at the bottom, as if everyone is watching and judging your form.
  • Lastly, use an appropriate kettlebell for your swings.  This means anything under 35kg for ladies or 24kg for men is completely unacceptable.  If you’ve got a pretty decent swing, then you should be moving a kettlebell that’s even heavier.

21-Minute EMOM Lunge Ladder:

Set a timer for 21 rounds of 60 seconds of work vs. 0 seconds of rest.  Yes, zero seconds of rest.  The more efficient you are at completing each set, the more time you’ll have to rest for the remainder of the minute, before the next minute / set / exercise begins.

  • MINUTE # 1: (5) Walking Lunges Each Leg (+1 rep each leg each round)
  • MINUTE # 2: (10) REAL Burpees
  • MINUTE # 3: (20) Russian Kettlebell Swings

Repeat for 7 more rounds!  Here’s a quick demo of what it looks like …